Don Troiano offers many services through his many companies. If you prefer to utilize his personal service we can provide a quote for many of his areas of expertise. These areas include:


Marketing Consulting

Don Troiano will consult with your company on its entire marketing strategy.       

  • Identify target market demographics and current trends.

  • Evaluate current marketing and identify areas to be improved.

  • Set up social media platforms to reach the target market and draw a qualified audience.

  • Build Email lists with a target market in mind and set up automated Email campaigns. 

  • Identify best digital platforms for the digital marketing budget. 

  • Train sales staff in the straight-line method of sales.​

PR Crisis Managment Consultant

Don Troiano will consult with a company or individual on a PR crisis.

  • Develop a preliminary plan.

  • Defining what constitutes a crisis for your brand

  • Devise initial messaging before full details of crisis are complete

  • Help in defining roles who will do what and take ownership responsibilities.

  • Set up clear action plan that is fluid as crisis unfolds

  • Control the controllable like building out brand during the crisis also social media etc to control what we can.

  • Knowing how to reach people response channels email lists etc.

  • Building a network of advocates including Public Relations network, Ally Network and your own employees

  • Anticipate the crisis and monitor the conversation.

  • Rapid Response proactive responses.

  • ​Keeping stakeholders informed.

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