Don Troiano Career


Don Troiano has had many careers in his life. Early on his intention was to go into the medical field. He later changed his major in school to economics. He is also a serial entrepreneur and has had several businesses in his life from a painting company, to a mortgage company to an energy company he has had an exciting life in his careers. Below is the short list of his past and current careers.

Don Troiano began working at 16 and worked many jobs early on including short stints at Burger King his first job and Dominos Pizza while he was in College. While in College he began a small company CT Handyman. The main objective of the company was to do any sort of odd job that needed to get done including painting, small electrical, small plumbing carpentry etc. The company has been in business at one level or another since the late 80’s and still is in operation today.

When he began his family Troiano moved to the investment industry where he obtained his series 7 and 63 license to become a stock broker. He began working for the firm of Stratton Oakmont Securities office located in Purchase New York. he learned telephone sales from some of the best in the industry at the time including Jordan Belforte who later gained fame as the writer and main character in the book and later movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Troiano started his career in a room and company with over 1000 brokers. After one year he had risen to one of the top brokers in the company managing a book of over 200 clients with over 10 million in assets under management. Mr. Troiano left Stratton as he was uncomfortable with their business practices and moved to Smith Barney in White Plains where he worked successfully for 5 years reaching the status of Vice President.

In 1998 Mr. Troiano entered the Mortgage industry where he began his career working for Northeast Mortgage where he quickly became a senior loan officer. Through the ups and downs of the industry he constantly managed to maintain a strong business and producer for the company. In 2001 he began his own mortgage company Oxford Home Mortgage the company grew from his basement with just himself in less than a year to a 30 employee company  based at 301 Main Street Danbury, Connecticut where it flourished for 9 years to become one of the areas top mortgage companies. In 2010 the company seized to exist due to the financial crisis of the times. Where many of the largest and most powerful financial institutions in the world also failed including Bear Sterns, Fannie Mae and Countrywide just to name a few. He later did a short 11 month stint in the mortgage modification space, but problems with a certain employee and stifling regulatory regulations led him out of that industry quickly.

Having to reinvent himself Mr. Troiano entered the deregulated energy space first opening DTT Energy Consulting a small energy marketing company that would solicit customers for many of the regions many energy suppliers. The business still exists to this day receiving small residuals from the clients it had gained. He then became one of the founding members of AmericaWide Energy LLC.  He guided the company through the licensing process with the state of Connecticut Department of Public Utility. He also raised capital for the company, but lack with lack of sustainable capital led him out of the company as its assets going to the investors who maintain the company today.

Late in 2010 Don Troiano was informed that there was something quite alarming appearing at the top of his Google search several of his friends told him it said the most horrible things calling him a  thief, pedophile scammer and much more. At first it did not seem too important just some remarks from a whacko, but soon enough there were more and more. Mr. Troiano now came to realize he was the target of an ex employee he had to fire for so many reasons including heavy drinking on his job. Turns out this ex employee was trying to extort money from Troiano and posted the most horrible things imaginable about him. The stories seemed so realistic and what Troiano came to learn is they where actually based in truth and about the author and his warped and twisted life. This man stalked Troiano for 2 years trying in every way to destroy his life. And he did do quite a bit of damage. Troiano had problems finding work as a result almost lost his home and this stalker reveled in his achievements. A classic narcissist. What is worse is these attacks are not illegal and the websites posting them actually makes a fortune charging unsuspecting victims 100’s of thousands of dollars to remove this content.

Having this obstacle in his way Troiano decided he needed to learn everything he could about what was being used to harm him and his way of life. What he came to realize is the websites attacking him are using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to do it. He tried many ways to stop these attacks as it constantly became a problem for him professionally. He took online courses, read every article he could find and tried anything and everything he could to remove it. He was successful at some point and just let it go, but the content came back and even stronger than before. Again he began learning SEO and Google Algorithms to try to remove this content. He removed links to the web sites to lower their Domain authority and that showed some success for a while, but what he was learning through all of this is that there is a clear and present need for companies to manage the reputations of Companies and People.

In 2016 he started Reputation Pros LLC an Online Reputation Management company (ORM). Reputation Pros specializes in the ORM of high profile individuals and companies who have also been attacked by ex employees, competitors, and stock manipulators. A growing problem in the small cap stock industry. Now Troiano has turned the tables on the SEO marketplace using his knowledge of the securities industry coupled with his new found knowledge of the SEO industry to help defend companies from and repair their Online profiles. In summer 2017 he launched Market Pros International to compliment Reputation Pros. Its main focus is the digital marketing space using the same SEO knowledge he now has coupled with his tremendous marketing experience to help companies take full advantage of the tremendous opportunities that social media including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The company focuses on smaller local companies like EZ2Drive Auto Group, Dennis Perkins Bail Bonds, Neutocrete and Preferred Hardowod Flooring just to name a few.

Mr. Troiano is acting CEO for both companies with offices in the US and the Philippines staffed with some of the top SEO, Social Media and Content writers from around the world

Don Troiano Career