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Published 10-14-2017

By Don Troiano 

How to create a bullet proof reputation on the web Reputation Management 101



Today more and more people are beginning to realize that what a Google search says about them can positively or negatively affect their life. Industry experts like Reputation Pros say the reputation management space is one of the fastest growing industries today. The problem is most people don’t worry about these results until it is too late. The fact is it is best to start building what these results say about you while you are in complete control. There are three definitive parts to your online presence.


·         Positive Content- Simply put positive content can be  articles, blog posts, social media posts and possibly even reviews regarding your name or brand.


·         Neutral Content- Neutral content can be basic information or information not about you or your brand neither positive nor negative.


·         Negative Content- Negative content can be anything you don’t want the world to see from articles, social media reviews and negative for profit review websites.


Once you have run a Google and Bing search on your name or brand online you should start by classifying each result on your first 3 pages. Typically most searchers don’t even look past page one of your Google search results. If you have done that and you don’t see any negative content you are in good shape, but now is the time to start building a strong reputation that you can control for the long term.


First on the agenda is to own your brand or personal name. You can search your brand or name by going to Go Daddy and searching. So if your name was to be say, David Hilton. You would simply enter davidhilton and you will see if the domain is available Hopefully the name you are seeking is available. My suggestion is buy it. It is only a few dollars per year to own the domain even if you don’t put up a website no one else can own it. If you decide to put up a website to promote your name you can build it almost anywhere and attach it to the URL you now own. If the website is strictly for self-promotion simply use a biography. You can find many on the internet and a get a good idea of the format to follow. Be sure to use the name you intend to promote within the content several times. Try to build several pages including a contact page. 


Second is to build your reviews. There are several reputable review sites on the web, but most of them are geared towards companies. There are reviews in FacebookYelpYellow Pages, Glass Door and even Google. Review sites have high domain authority so it is a good idea to have several up there and request your better customers to post good positive reviews.  If you are building a personal reputation or brand, I would suggest not putting up personal reviews unless you already have negative content reviews from one of the negative review sites. If that has already occurred, you already have your work cut out for you. Make sure wherever possible you leave links back to any sites you are using for promotion as this will make them stronger in search results.


Third is to build your professional media presence including Twitter, Linkedin and Crunch base. These sites have very high domain authority and will appear high on your search rankings. Make sure you post a good strong positive biography with your brand or name in it a few times also make sure you put links to any and all sites you can that you are using for promotion. All links will work together to help you control the first few pages of your search results.


Fourth are directory sites and there are many for business. Many are industry-specific so make sure the sites you choose relate to your industry where applicable. The following are not industry-specific  Manta, YP,  Merchant Circle, Google and Angies list. Once again most of them offer on or two links back to your web site. Make sure you add those links as well as you are building a strong brand or name presence on the web.


Your fifth step should be to add a blog. You can get a blog site from Blogger, Wix and Yola for free. Make sure you add content that is in line with your line of business and you can provide many links within the blog back to your sites. Make sure you provide links to all your sites even your social media.


Finally make sure the URL or web addresses you choose for all your sites contain your name or brand name. Even the social media outlets allow you to choose your own specific URL. If your name is David Hilton for instance and the URL davidhilton is taken try david-hilton.  The fact is this will take a lot of work, but not a lot of money. It will help build you a bullet proof reputation that will promote your brand and protect you from any future negative content.

Published 9-22-2017

By Don Troiano





Important dos and don’ts of what to do when you are confronted by a cyber stalker

Stalking has been going on forever and now stalkers have new tools to harm you in ways not conceivable just 10 years ago. Today a stalker can attack a victim on social media, bulletin boards, comment sections on media and lastly on negative review websites. To make things worse it can all be done anonymously and therefore protects the stalker from prosecution. Here is how Cyberstalking  victim can fight back.

The first thing a victim needs to do is take a step back and do not do or write anything online acknowledging the stalker for a couple of reasons. Number one is replying to the stalker will often give them the satisfaction that they know they are causing the victim pain and in other cases can anger the stalker worse. In both cases the fact is, acknowledging the stalker is only more likely to bring on more posts and further exacerbate the situation. The second reason and more important is when a victim replies to these attacks it actually makes the attacks stronger in the search engines and increases the sites domain authority as it has more content. Whatever a victim does do not respond in any way to these attacks. 

A second thing a victim can do is contact webmaster of sites the stalker is utilizing to attack the victim. Many, not all webmasters will recognize the fact that the content on their site is being used for cyberstalking and a mere email request will get things done. Other webmasters may take a little more persuasion and constant emails will often help. Please note not to threaten the webmaster and simply plead your case. For certain sites, the webmaster is looking to charge a fee and it can be a great deal of money and that option will probably be off the table for many victims. Additionally, some of the sites are negative review sites that actually promote negative content and have high web authority so removal from these sites will usually be the most damning and costly to remove.

The third thing a victim can do is a full-blown reputation management campaign. I would suggest hiring a quality firm for this if the cost is within the victims budget. Reputation Proshas a very good and cost-effective membership program at less than $300 per month. If these costs are out of reach then it is time to roll up your sleeves.  A full-blown reputation management campaign is very laborious, but a victim can achieve good results simply by building a positive web presence that can push the negative content deep in to search results. This is achieved by posting a vast amount of positive content through social media, blog posts, owning a URL with the victim's name and finally by garnering positive news pieces with the victim named in articles. 

Last if not least a victim can sue the stalker in court and gain “injunctive relief” that the victim can bring to the search engines in a request for de-indexing the sites posting the negative content.  If a victim chooses this method it is important to note that the victim should have every single page listed within the order to make sure all pages with negative content are removed from search results. It also needs to be noted that suing can be a complicated and costly process.

In conclusion, a victim can fight back against cyberstalking. It will not be easy. It will not be free, but if the victim is as motivated as the stalker they can achieve a positive outcome. It will take patience and perseverance and a lot of learning, but a positive outcome can be achieved. 


Published 11-15-2017

By Don Troiano 

Don Troiano Danbury Connecticut Murderer, Rapist, and Theif fact or fiction.





There has been much written about Don Troiano. The question you must be asking is any of it true?  I mean how can a man who has never been arrested be a murderer, rapist, and thief?  Why would all this appear at the top of his google search? What does it mean?

The fact is when a person attacks another and wants to harm them the most,  they will often affix the worst tags they can. Murderer, Rapist Pedophile, Slut, and Whore just to name a few. They will make very real sounding allegations in the hopes that people will believe these outrageous claims. They will often relive how they have harmed the other every day. In the case of someone using the internet to harm another, they can read it every day and revel in their accomplishment.

The case of Don Troiano the murderer, rapist and pedophile this is indeed the case. All one has to do is look at the one and only accuser he has. I know it may seem like there are many, but the fact is all these posts have been put up by one and only one man. If you read them carefully you will see the same thread and verbiage over and over.

Well let's start with who the original author of this content is. His name is Owen and he is an ex-employee of a Don Troiano owned company Oxford Home Mortgage. The simple fact is he has a serious drinking problem. Once that drinking problem was discovered by Don Troiano he quickly removed this man from his employment. Owen wanted to get back at his former employer because like most drug and alcohol abusers he needs to blame others for the bad things that have happened to him in his life.

Don Troiano

This man has been living with this problem for the vast majority of his life. In his early years, he joined the military to try to straighten out. Unfortunately, he was discharged because of his heavy drinking. He then bounced from job to job never lasting long as his drinking sooner or later would cost him his work. While employed by Oxford since he was a commissioned employee and he could come and go as he wished so his drinking problems went largely unnoticed at first. After a year or so like with every other job he had the drinking became apparent. When he was finally asked to leave he wanted to lash out at anyone he could. Owen had recently learned about a negative content website called the ripoff report. With this new tool, he decided he would destroy Troiano as he felt Troiano destroyed his life. Alos Owen at the time was going through a child custody case he lost because thankfully the court realized leaving little children with a lifelong alcoholic would be very bad indeed. Needless to say he blamed anyone but himself for losing his children.  The stalking continued from 2009 till late 2012. The results of the attack still linger to this day.

The Truth of the matter is Don Troiano has never been in any trouble in his entire life. He has worked very hard every day of his life and to be honest the attacks from this man have set him back very much. A stalker can do a lot of damage to a person's  life. And with the invention of the internet and the negative review for-profit web site they now have a new tool.

Now I know what your thinking. Why doesn't Troiano Sue the guy or have him arrested or sue the website? The fact is the website is protected by law since they are not the author. It doesn't stop them from charging hundreds of thousands of dollars to hide negative content for those who can pay. As far as suing Owen? He moves from place to place and job to job and whats worse he posted anonymously if you read the posts he never identifies himself by name. Even if you could find the man to sure him he has nothing. Even his cars are in other peoples names.  The fact of the matter is there as of now is no help for stalking victims where there is no threat made. One day maybe.

Published  9-13-2017

By Don Troiano

Online Reputation Managment

Privacy has always been a right and today there are many laws set in place to protect those rights like  HIPPA and others. Today however an individual’s or brand’s right to privacy no longer exists. With the internet, Communications Decency Act (CDA)   and specifically Google any privacy we once enjoyed is now pretty much gone. What is also gone is the right of fair play, honesty and often reality found in those search results. If the 2016 election showed us nothing; it showed us just how reality and facts can be altered or just plain changed in the cyber age.  The old adage innocent till proven guilty is now way back in the rear view mirror of reality of the internet. Today one must prove their innocence without any proof whatsoever regarding facts, reality or guilt. A recent article I read regarding cyber defamation the author actually suggests to those who may have been wrongfully defamed on the internet, “the best thing you can do is apologize for the offending content when applying for jobs, meeting a perspective mate and even when trying to conduct business.”

There is a host of web sites today ready, willing and able to assist a stalker or corporate saboteur to post anything they like regarding anyone or any brand anonymously without fear of liability or consequences. These dubious web sites have one goal in mind when accepting this content. The final goal is to make money. The business model is simply to appear at the top of any entities Google search results with the absolute worst possible financial impact on that entity. One of these web sites was called by a judge in a recent court filing “a sick form of cyber extortion.”  Simply put these sites charge large monthly or yearly fees to redact, remove or conceal the content located in their pages.  It has spurred a multimillion dollar industry that only looks to grow until laws are changed to respond to this new form of extortion. 

There is very little legal recourse to resolve the issues that arise from cyber attacks.   The American Bar Association has published a piece regarding this unique relatively new form of attack in the article dated to 2013 Cyber Defamation. Within the article it talks about the difficulties with prosecution as in many cases the author are anonymous and the web sites that actually publish the content are protected by the Communications Decency Act of 1996. The act protects publishers of third party content from any form of liability since they are only a form for the author to exercise their first amendment right to freedom of speech.  There have been successful prosecution of anonymous authors, but the cost is high and the only satisfaction a party can receive is an injunction for redaction or removal from web sites and search engine results. The process is lengthy and costly as you may have guessed and many sites simply ignore these injunctions as does Google in many cases today.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) seems to be the only realistic resolution to the problems of cyber defamation. Quite simply fighting fire with fire by having relevant positive information appear at the top of an entities Google search results. Pushing the negative content to the back pages where few searchers ever actually look. Sounds quite easy on the surface and most people think it will be. Ultimately it is not. Let us not forget that the defamation sites have a financial interest in holding top rankings on a Google search and other web pages like news media are held in very high regard in Google search rankings. There are things an entity can do like posting social media sites and blogs in the hope that the content will outrank the offending negative content. The fact is that most individual entities who try thin on their own will fail.  There is a reason large corporations, famous individuals and even simple business owners pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for quality effective reputation management.

There are a host of Reputation Management companies on the web today.  In speaking to on individual who hired several different low cost companies and tried do it yourself web sites and had almost zero success; we came to learn that selecting the right company and program is the most important decision one can make.  After talking to highly advertised companies that made offers with fees ranging from $18,000 to $25,000 he came to discover a company that was a very different. Charging only a minimal monthly membership fee of $250.00 the company employs over 50 specialists who are each dedicated to one specialized segment of the reputation management process. This brings a focused expertise to the entire process.  The company has SEO experts, creative writers, social media experts and even web site developers to automate the once laborious task of reputation management. The company utilizing this revolutionary approach is Reputation Pros, LLC with offices in the USA and Philippines.


In conclusion it is best to be pro active regarding your name and or brand today as it could be the matter of economic life and death. We strongly suggest learning everything you can about this subject before you actually need the information. Today your Google search results are as important as your credit report. You may be held accountable for things that are not even close to factual. It is best to be informed and pro active.