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1/14/2018 -Don Troiano was born in Newtown Connecticut where his family made its home on Winslow Road. A small cull de sac with 10 houses built by the Spears company in the 60’s during the baby boom years. He was the last of 4 children of Dominic and Patricia Troiano. Mr. Troiano’s  parents where from New York. His mother Patricia was born in White Plains New York in 1932 to Luis and Millicent Camera of S. Kenisico Avenue. Her father was a barber with his own barber shop and her mother a home maker. His Father Dominico (Americanized to Dominic) was born in the Bronx New York in 1930 to Giuseppe (Americanized to Joseph) and Anisette Troiano of Buck Street . His father was an Electrician and owned and electrical supply store. His mother was a homemaker.

Don Troiano’s father Dominic Troiano was a machinist and engineer who worked for notable companies as Sikorsky Aircraft and National Semi Conductor. He was instrumental in the invention of the disposable lighter and development of the puck design to put perfume in delicate bottles in the aerosol industry. He designed and built every part in assembly lines still in use today in the aerosol industry. Mr Troiano’s  Mother Patricia June Camera was a career woman who started several successful companies including a head hunting firm. She was a founding Member of the NOW the National Organization for Woman and activist for womans rights.

Mr. Troiano siblings include Joseph his oldest brother who ,lives in Danbury Connecticut is married to Dorothy Mae Troiano. They have two children Joshua and Donald and is semi retired. His sister Joanne Swanson Troiano who lives in California is married to Jeff Swanson and is a paralegal and his brother Christopher who also lives in Danbury is married to Karen Troiano and has 2 children Joseph and Jessica. He is a licensed electrician and owns CTE Electric.

Don Troiano has two children James Henry Troiano and Ryein Marie Troiano. Both children attended Faith Prep School in New Milford Connecticut. James Graduated from Faith and went on to Western Connecticut State University where he graduated with a BA in Economics. He currently works at Agway in the accounting department. Ryein moved to Immaculate High School in Danbury where she went for 4 years till her graduation. She currently attends Western Connecticut State University where she is studying Nursing and plans to become an RN and then continue her education in tot the field of graphic artist as she is already quite an accomplished artist in her own rite.



In Mr. Troiano’s early years he first attended Hawley School  29 Church Hill Road, Newtown Connecticut where he spent the first 5 years of his education from Kindergarten through 4th grade. He then moved up to Newtown Middle School 11 Queen Street Newtown Connecticut,  where he attended 4 years from 5th grade to 8th grade. After middle school Mr. Troiano attended Newtown High School 12 Berkshire Road in Newtown Connecticut. He attended there for two years grade 9 through 10. He then moved to Bethel High School 300 Whittlesey Drive in Bethel Connecticut for two years grade 11 and 12. He attended Bethel High due to the reason that the school had a hockey team and was close to home. Mr. Troiano was an avid hockey player as a child. His family moved to Danbury in his senior year and Mr. Troiano graduated from Danbury High School 43 Clapboard Ridge Road, Danbury, Connecticut where he finally graduated and completed his grade school years.

College and University

Mr. Troiano began is higher education at Mattituck Community College (changed to Naugatuck Valley College) 750 Chase Parkway, Waterbury, Connecticut where he spent two years and received his Associates Degree in Arts.

Next he attended Western Connecticut State University 181 White Street, Danbury, Connecticut where he attended 2 years and received his BA in Economics.

Mr. Troiano’s  family moved to Danbury Connecticut in the early 80’s where they lived in several locations and he lives to this day. Since 1997 he has resided at Hillandale Road in Danbury where he owns a home to this day.





















Activities and Athletics


At the age of 9 Don Troiano began playing ice hockey. He was I instantly attracted to the sport as it was an aggressive contact sport that he excelled in. His hockey career bagan in the Newtown Skating club who practiced at the outdoor ice hockey ring of the Gunnery School in Washington Connecticut. The rink was cold, but Troiano loved this game and quickly became one of the best players on the team. His second year he played hockey for Mid Fairfield Youth Hockey one of the top teams in the state of Connecticut. He was given an invitation to try out for their A travel team, quite an honor in itself as they had been state champions often through the years. The team played out of the brand new Darien Ice rink in Darien Connecticut. Quite a drive from Newtown, but Mr. Troiano’s mother had no problem driving him all over gods creation to play hockey. His father also helped ojut often driving him to as many as 3 games in one day.  Troiano not only made the team but was on the first line playing right wing. The coach was Tony Dinapoli a demanding man who wanted his 8 year old players to play like much older kids. He would not allow fathers in the locker room and from that early age taught the kids position and commitment to excellence. That year the team played 80 games and won 76 of them as well as conference winners, but eventually lost to Hamden in the state tournament. Troiano to this day still maintains friendships with many of the players from that team. He then played for Cheshire youth hockey and the move started all sorts of problems. There was even a court case where Mid Fairfield sued Cheshire for manipulation if you can believe that. At the age of 15 Troiano was invited to play hockey in Port Hope Ontario with a select team of all Stars many of whom would go on to play in the NHL. At the age of 16 Troiano started playing high school hockey with Bethel High School where the school made the state tournament for the first time in its history two years running. After high school Troiano played with the Coors Sharks Junior Hockey team. A semi professional team that played in the North American Hockey League that later became a top league and NHL pathway for many American NHL players today. At the ripe old age of 22 Troiano ended his short professional career and abandoned his dreams of playing in the NHL as his small stature of only 5 foot 7 inches and his weight of only 125 pounds made it quite apparent that the NHL was out of the question for him. He continues to play in mens leagues and has even seen some of the younger players from his teams find their way to pro teams like The Danbury Trashers and even had one a young player who filled in from time to time on some of his Brewster New York Teams make the NHL who is Steve Santini who plays for the New Jersey Devils.


















Barefoot Water Ski

One of Mr Troianos passions is barefoot warter ski. He began in the late 80's and still participates to this day. The sport was in its infancy when he bagan andf his funds where limited so he learned slowly at the school of hard knox with a lot of asprin. He eventually learned front to back turns and toe up tricks. His last tournament was in 2007 when he wont the Eastern Regional campionships in his division in the tricks catagory. 

Pigeon Racing

When Don Troiano was 8 years old he and his father began raising Racing Pigeons. They built a very small loft and procured 11 birds from Fred Sykes of Little Falls New Jersey. In their second year as pigeon owners they joined the Danbury Bethel Pigeon Racing Club. They began with a small young bird team of 10 birds and quickly learned that the sport is very sophisticated and competitive. In their first year of racing they failed to even place in the top 10 lofts on any of the 8 races they participated in. Additionally they lost almost all the young bird team. In their third year of pigeon racing they added birds from several places including one from Andre Vermote of Belgium. The bird was the baby of “the Ringer” a top bird who won Belgium’s most prestigious race  the 1st National Cahors in 1971. They also added a Stassart Sion who had won the Danbury Bethel Futurity as a young bird. They also Procured birds given to them by Joseph Joo of Danbury and they did very well with all of those birds as well. They even managed to place in two of the early races in their third year. In their 4th year they added birds from Robert Bergman of Brookfield where they procured the nest mate to the Danbury Bethel Futurity winner. Additionally they added 10 birds from Joseph Rotando the birds where of the Bricoux strain and flew well for them also, but success was difficult to obtain in the highly competitive field. Mr Troiano enjoyed racing pigeons, but as he hit his late teens the birds took a back seat to sports and education. His father took the birds to New Jersey at that point.

Drag Racing


At the ripe old age of 20 Mr. Troiano was an auto enthusiast and built several street racing cars. Hi most succesful was a 1968 Camaro Rally Sport Named Little Bitch. The car made its best pass at Raceway park in New Jersey where it went 9 secomnds at 150 miles per hour.

Professional Career

Don Troiano began working at 16 and worked many jobs early on including short stints at Burger King his first job and Dominos Pizza while he was in College. While in College he began a small company CT Handyman. The main objective of the company was to do any sort of odd job that needed to get done including painting, small electrical, small plumbing carpentry etc. The company has been in business at one level or another since the late 80’s and still is in operation today.

When he began his family Troiano moved to the investment industry where he obtained his series 7 and 63 license to become a stock broker. He began working for the firm of Stratton Oakmont Securities office located in Purchase New York. he learned telephone sales from some of the best in the industry at the time including Jordan Belforte who later gained fame as the writer and main character in the book and later movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Troiano started his career in a room and company with over 1000 brokers. After one year he had risen to one of the top brokers in the company managing a book of over 200 clients with over 10 million in assets under management. Mr. Troiano left Stratton as he was uncomfortable with their business practices and moved to Smith Barney in White Plains where he worked successfully for 5 years reaching the status of Vice President.

In 1998 Mr. Troiano entered the Mortgage industry where he began his career working for Northeast Mortgage where he quickly became a senior loan officer. Through the ups and downs of the industry he constantly managed to maintain a strong business and producer for the company. In 2001 he began his own mortgage company Oxford Home Mortgage the company grew from his basement with just himself in less than a year to a 30 employee company  based at 301 Main Street Danbury, Connecticut where it flourished for 9 years to become one of the areas top mortgage companies. In 2010 the company seized to exist due to the financial crisis of the times. Where many of the largest and most powerful financial institutions in the world also failed including Bear Sterns, Fannie Mae and Countrywide just to name a few. He later did a short 11 month stint in the mortgage modification space, but problems with a certain employee and stifling regulatory regulations led him out of that industry quickly.

Having to reinvent himself Mr. Troiano entered the deregulated energy space first opening DTT Energy Consulting a small energy marketing company that would solicit customers for many of the regions many energy suppliers. The business still exists to this day receiving small residuals from the clients it had gained. He then became one of the founding members of AmericaWide Energy LLC.  He guided the company through the licensing process with the state of Connecticut Department of Public Utility. He also raised capital for the company, but lack with lack of sustainable capital led him out of the company as its assets going to the investors who maintain the company today.

Late in 2010 Don Troiano was informed that there was something quite alarming appearing at the top of his Google search several of his friends told him it said the most horrible things calling him a  thief, pedophile scammer and much more. At first it did not seem too important just some remarks from a whacko, but soon enough there were more and more. Mr. Troiano now came to realize he was the target of an ex employee he had to fire for so many reasons including heavy drinking on his job. Turns out this ex employee was trying to extort money from Troiano and posted the most horrible things imaginable about him. The stories seemed so realistic and what Troiano came to learn is they where actually based in truth and about the author and his warped and twisted life. This man stalked Troiano for 2 years trying in every way to destroy his life. And he did do quite a bit of damage. Troiano had problems finding work as a result almost lost his home and this stalker reveled in his achievements. A classic narcissist. What is worse is these attacks are not illegal and the websites posting them actually makes a fortune charging unsuspecting victims 100’s of thousands of dollars to remove this content.

Having this obstacle in his way Troiano decided he needed to learn everything he could about what was being used to harm him and his way of life. What he came to realize is the websites attacking him are using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to do it. He tried many ways to stop these attacks as it constantly became a problem for him professionally. He took online courses, read every article he could find and tried anything and everything he could to remove it. He was successful at some point and just let it go, but the content came back and even stronger than before. Again he began learning SEO and Google Algorithms to try to remove this content. He removed links to the web sites to lower their Domain authority and that showed some success for a while, but what he was learning through all of this is that there is a clear and present need for companies to manage the reputations of Companies and People.

In 2016 he started Reputation Pros LLC an Online Reputation Management company (ORM). Reputation Pros specializes in the ORM of high profile individuals and companies who have also been attacked by ex employees, competitors, and stock manipulators. A growing problem in the small cap stock industry. Now Troiano has turned the tables on the SEO marketplace using his knowledge of the securities industry coupled with his new found knowledge of the SEO industry to help defend companies from and repair their Online profiles. In summer 2017 he launched Market Pros International to compliment Reputation Pros. Its main focus is the digital marketing space using the same SEO knowledge he now has coupled with his tremendous marketing experience to help companies take full advantage of the tremendous opportunities that social media including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The company focuses on smaller local companies like EZ2Drive Auto Group, Dennis Perkins Bail Bonds, Neutocrete and Preferred Hardowod Flooring just to name a few. As of April 2021 he co founded Our Fashion Passion a new type of social media page. 

Mr. Troiano is acting CEO for both companies with offices in the US and the Philippines staffed with some of the top SEO, Social Media and Content writers from around the world.


Don Troiano has written many articles. Below are just a few:



Stalking has been going on forever and now stalkers have new tools to harm you in ways not conceivable just 10 years ago. Today a stalker can attack a victim on social media, bulletin boards, comment sections on media and lastly on for profit negative review websites. To make things worse it can all be done anonymously and therefore protects the stalker from prosecution. Here is how a victim can fight back.

The first thing a victim needs to do is take a step back and do not do or write anything online acknowledging the cyber stalker for a couple of reasons. Number one is replying to the stalker on the page in wich the stalker is attacking them will often give them the satisfaction that they know they are causing the victim pain and in other cases can anger the stalker worse. In both cases the fact is, acknowledging the stalker is only more likely to bring on more posts and further exacerbate the situation. The second reason and more important is when a victim replies to these attacks it actually makes the attacks stronger in the search engines as it has more content. Whatever a victim does do not respond in any way to these attacks.

A second thing a victim can do is contact webmaster of sites the stalker is utilizing to attack the victim. Many, not all webmasters will recognize the fact that the content on their site is being used for cyberstalking and a mere email request will get things done. Other webmasters may take a little more persuasion and constant emails will often help. Please note not to threaten the webmaster and simply plead your case. For certain sites, the webmaster is looking to charge a fee and it can be a great deal of money and that option will probably be off the table for many victims. Additionally, some of the sites are negative review sites that actually promote negative content and have high web authority so removal from these sites will usually be the most damning and costly to remove.

The third thing a victim can do is a full-blown reputation management campaign. I would suggest hiring a quality firm for this if the cost is within the victims budget. Reputation Pros has a very good and cost-effective membership program at less than $300 per month. If these costs are out of reach then it is time to roll up your sleeves.  A full-blown reputation management campaign is very laborious, but a victim can achieve good results simply by building a positive web presence that can push the negative content deep into search results. This is achieved by posting a vast amount of positive content through social media, blog posts, owning a URL with the victim’s name and finally by garnering positive news pieces with the victim named in articles.

Last if not least a victim can sue the stalker in court and gain “injunctive relief” that the victim can bring to the search engines in a request for de-indexing the sites posting the negative content.  If a victim chooses this method it is important to note that the victim should have every single page listed within the order to make sure all pages with negative content are removed from search results. It also needs to be noted that suing can be a complicated and costly process.

In conclusion, a victim can fight back against cyberstalking. It will not be easy. It will not be free, but if the victim is as motivated as the stalker they can achieve a positive outcome. It will take patience and perseverance and a lot of learning, but a positive outcome can be achieved.


Published 8/27/2017 by Don Troiano 

available on  Wordpress

INTERNET STALKING “The New Age of Cyber Defamation”

The Birth of the internet

As we entered the new millennium a new media was beginning to take off called the internet. This was a new medium that allows millions and hundreds of millions of computers to share data instantly. Early on this new form of communication was slow to get going and only available at a very high cost. As we entered the new millennium the cost of both computers and access had reached a point where it became accusable to the masses.  Beginning about 1997 many new companies began sprouting up that are household names like,, and Investors began scrambling to both understand and take part in this new media, but there was no benchmark to measure a company launching into this uncharted area. Yahoo was valued at 3 Billion dollars by Wall Street before the company even launched formal operations.  This was the dawn of the dot-com boom. Market indexes saw record growth over the next few years and money was flowing into every new idea for internet marketing.  Reality soon set in as many of the new companies that had launched were dependent on each other for success or failure and within a few years the dot-com boom became the dot-com bust.  I myself had only begun learning about the internet starting in 1996 as I obtained my first computer and after some trial and error made it internet ready. At the time most people used dial-up modems and the internet was very slow and pretty much only accessable through a dial-up account with America Online. Over time cable modems and DSL became affordable and the internet became as common in a household as a telephone and electricity.

The Birth of the Search engine

By 1998 a new search engine was launching called Google. At the time most knew very little about the company as users were just beginning to learn how to use a search engine and those that did pretty much-used yahoo. Soon Google was beginning to replace the home page of many computers due to ease of use and accuracy. Before long if a user wanted to know about almost anything it became very easy to just “Google it”.  Now in an instant a user could find a company, answer to a question, personal information and the list goes on and on. Now for companies, both established and new the new word of the day became SEO or search engine optimization. The art of having your website appear at the top of a search for a given keyword. If a company is selling a product and someone is searching that product it is always best to be at the top of that search as most people will only look through one or two pages. The big problem again as was with the internet is a lack of competent professionals who truly understand SEO.  Companies like Google and Yahoo closely guard the information that their search engines use to rank companies to protect the integrity of their searches. That said as with any multi-billion dollar business many of the key factors that go into SEO have become known and as with any multi-billion dollar industry that information has been used and misused for profits. Today a company or persons Google search is akin to their credit report. It is a quick and easy way to find out anything about any company or person.

The Communications Decency Act

                Before 1996 websites were held accountable for information published on their website much like a printed newspaper or television media outlet are still held responsible for content produced by their given medium. In 1996 Congress passed the first attempt to regulate pornographic material on the internet. From that came the Communications Decency Act of 1996. The second section230  of the act has been interpreted to say an operator of the internet service are not to be considered publishers and therefore not liable for the content of third parties who use their service.  Essentially this opened the door for any web site that allowed unedited posts their website freedom from litigation for defamation, libel or slander.

The Birth of the Consumer Review Web Site

                For consumers, there has always been a feeling of helplessness when a product or service failed to deliver as advertised. There has always been the better business bureau and the attorney general.  But as long as a transaction was not fraudulent there was little a consumer could do without the cost and risk of litigation. Now that the way had been cleared avoiding defamation and liable liability a new type of web site began to emerge. The consumer review website was born with a site posted by the better business bureau (BBB). On the BBB website consumers can post complaints and reviews and If a review is negative a company can resolve the issue and thus remove the complaint. Then a host of other sites began to pop up. Rip off Report, Complaints Board and the list goes on and on. Using these sites a consumer or anyone can complain, slander or defame a company, person, government or entity they care to post about without fear of litigation due to the relative anonymity of the internet.  Early on this was more of a nuisance than anything, but as consumers and others began to Google everything this has become a major problem for businesses, doctors, lawyers and just plain citizens who may have an enemy.  Today armed with the knowledge of SEO the providers of these sites have the ability to make a post regarding any entity appear at the top of the entities search results. With this ability, these sites have developed a simple business model. Charge the entity very high prices to remove or redact this information even if false or inflammatory.

The Birth of the Cyber Defamation

                With the advent of the new consumer complaint site and the relative anonymity of the internet, the way was cleared for the cyber defamer.  Using these sites anyone can defame anyone or any company and have that information appear at the top of the entities Google, Yahoo or Bing search results.  For the corporate world, this is a quick safe and inexpensive way to create negative content for a competitor. For the world of a cyber stalker, this is a quick safe and inexpensive way to stalk and defame anyone they may dislike and want to harm. Many of the review sites that post this information actually encourage the content to be negative and inflammatory as possible. Clearly, the more inflammatory the content is the more motivated the object of the attack will be to have it removed thus creating huge profits for the websites posting this information. Today someone can go on one of these sites and post for instance company X that provides food services poisoned someone and even caused a death cannot only hurt company X, but can literally put them out of business. For the victim of cyberstalking, the result can be even worse. A victim can be denied jobs, promotions, housing, financing, romance and even education.

The Birth of Reputation Repair

                As cyber defamation became a bigger problem for companies and people a new industry began to evolve reputation repair. The idea behind these companies is they can help not by removing negative content, but to move it down the search engine results so it appears on page 3, 4 or later in a search result. These companies use their SEO knowledge to post positive content that will appear high on a search result. The cost is usually several thousand dollars and then a monthly fee to keep negative content pages deep in a search result.  These companies have had mixed results but in the cases where there is extreme motivation on the part of the cyber defamer as in the corporate space or cyberstalker world, it is usually only a short-term fix.

The Birth of Corporate Reputation Defense Divisions

                Today many large corporations have entire divisions dedicated to defending their online reputation. Corporations are dedicating millions to

Published 01/14/2018 by Don Troiano

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