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    As we enter the internet era it has become quite apparent that your online reputation is as important as your actual reputation. I have spent a lifetime building a good solid reputation. I have managed many millions of dollars as a stock broker and mortgage broker. My reputation is impeccable to those that actually know Don Troiano. For someone who may not know Don Troiano all they have to rely on is what they can quickly read and after all most people believe there is usually some truth to what is written about a person or so most of us think. The fact is all it takes today is one person with nothing to lose and a computer to destroy a lifetime of credibility and good standing.
This is what happened to me and I want to share my story with you.
    As an employer in the sales industry we hire people that are often straight commission employees. The problem with this is straight commission employees come and go as they please. If you run a large company as I did you do not spend a lot of time with your outside sales staff. 
We always ran background checks on employees and up till our final hire all had always gone pretty well. Then one day one of our best sales reps bought in a man who he said was a top sales professional. We had reservations but agreed to hire him and paid him a larger base then we had paid in the past based on the recommendation.Our company was unique in the industry as  we paid a base salary something no other mortgage company did. What we did not realize is we had hired a drinker and drug abuser something we would soon regret.

   As the mortgage industry began to encounter serious challenges we had reduced the company to just several people.  We had to make decisions fast or close up all operation. We had been hesitant to try mortgage modification because you are asking people to pay that literally have no money. That is never a good business model. Then one day our last hire came to us with a plan. Within his plan he assured us that we could receive payments from the lender for accomplishing a mortgage modification. We did our due diligence and it seemed that this was the case. The biggest mistake I ever made in my entire business life was unfolding into two parts. The first part was even embarking in to this new industry. It quickly became very apparent that not only is it very difficult to modify mortgages as lenders had so many crazy unpublished guide lines.  The second part of the equation was far worse. It quickly became apparent that the employee in question was a heavy drinker and off the wagon. We allowed him to take draws against future earnings that where not materializing and what was worse besides constant tardiness,  absentees by same employee where spiking. Productivity was less then zero as his binge drinking left him unable to work.
Finally I had enough and told him if he wanted to stay he would have to prove sobriety and attend AA meetings. He declined called me stupid and crazy and that was it or so I thought. Within a few weeks I googled my name to find under my name the Ripoff Report

I was shocked. Everything this man had written was not only offensive, but absolute fiction. Well I thought to myself it is slander I can stop this right away. So I contacted the offending site and was told they would never ever remove the content no matter how false it was and also informed that they can not be sued because of a little know law called the Communications Decency Act protects them regardless of what the site puts up. They would however bury the offending comments for $10,000 and $3,000 a month if I cared to participate in an advocate program. I think they should have called it an extortion program.I contacted lawyers to find out this is true. Within weeks another showed up when I googled Don Troiano another ripoff report.

I was beside myself, but figured it would pass and over time I could repair my reputation. Then through the Rip Off Report he made his first demand. $40,000 or it would never stop. I was barely making any money with modifications and even had a heart attack due to all the stress this was putting me under. I had figured it would stop and after two years began working on putting true information on the web. What I soon found out is that this guy was still stalking me now with many sites. There are over 400 posts by him slandering me in so many ways I can not even tell you. If you look up Don Troiano you will find Sacmbook.

And the list goes on and on. I know what you are thinking. Have him arrested. I can’t he had not threatened me and liable is civil. Could I sue him? He owns nothing but an old car worth a few hundred dollars and you can not serve him because he moves every three to six months. You can not attach his wages because the last job he had where he was paid normally was for me. He always works under the table. You need to get a full understanding of what we are dealing with here this is a small piece written by an ex girlfriend  I am suspecting:

and she writes this also

Seems he has been in jail before and recently also had a DUI. The fact is sooner or later he will land in jail long term for DUI Becuse he is always driving drunk or he will kill himself or somebody and he will be out of my life for good. Till then Don Troiano suggests you be careful who you hire. You may pay for it for many years to come.

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