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   Don Troiano of Danbury has published 2 separate self Help Books available on the web and this site. His first publication is the self help book Mortgage Modification Made Easy and His second publication is Credit Repair Made Easy. See descriptions and availability below.

                   Mortgage Modification Made Easy  

   Mortgage Modification Made Easy by Don Troiano published by DTT publishing and distributed through is an instructional manual dedicated to assisting homeowners with all aspects of modifying a mortgage. Unfortunately modifying a mortgage is a daunting task for most if not all but the most seasoned professional. This easy to understand manual will take readers through the entire process from the first call to the bank to the signing of final modification documents. Mortgage Modification Made Easy is currently utilized my many industry professionals and is considered by many to be a valuable tool in professional mortgage modification  techniques.

    Don Troiano former CEO of Oxford Mortgage has worked in the mortgage industry for over 10 years and spent many thousands of hours learning the secrets to getting a mortgage modification approved and completed and now homeowners will benefit from his experience. 

    Don Troiano has included in Mortgage Modification Made easy many tools and illustrations to help present a clean and simple modification package to a lender. The book includes spread sheets and formulas the reader can utilize in his final modification package. These tools will be particularly helpful for the self employed as Don Troiano has included step by step instructions and sample spread sheets to prepare a profit and Loss statement required by all lenders in a modification submission. 

    For individuals with multiple properties Don Troiano's Mortgage Modification Made Easy is a must. Don Troiano walks the multiple property owner through the 70% barrier. He shows homeowners how to easily overcome this obstacle and get modifications where multi family and multiple properties are concerned.

    Don Troiano provides Mortgage Modification Made Easy as a public service free of charge through his yola site. The site also contains valuable tools to assist homeowners in the modification process from a payment calculator to downloadable spread sheets, hardship letters and much more. And Don Troiano provides all this as a free public service to help homeowners in their time of need.

You can access this free site at:

Or you may download the free E Book here Mortgage Modification Made Easy__________________________________________________                     
                      Credit Repair Made Easy

   Credit Repair made Easy by Don Troiano and published by DTT Publishing is a self help guide to credit repair. This manual will help anyone who wishes to repair their credit with simple step by step instructions to credit repair. In addition the manual will help readers understand how credit is scored and give them inside tips to raising credit scores and keeping higher scores for the long term. Credit is so important in our day to day lives and for those who understand this often complex and confusing system this information can be life changing and of course lead to a higher quality of life.

The free E book is available at and on this web site at
Credit Repair Made Easy

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