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Personal Biography


    Don Troiano was born in Newtown, Connecticut to Dominick and Patricia Troiano. Don Troiano would be the youngest of 4 children with one sister and two brothers. Don Troiano's family had recently moved to Connecticut from Bronx, New York where his father had grown up. The family had recently purchased their first new home big enough for the entire family.

    Don Troiano's early life thankfully was uneventful. Don Troiano attended school in Newtown a small community located in northern Fairfield County. This is the type of community where everybody knew everybody and for Don Troiano it was a great place to grow up. Don Troiano spent a great deal of his early years fishing, swimming and playing with the many other children in his neighborhood many of whom he still maintains contact with. At the age of 9 Don Troiano began playing hockey a sport he excelled in and was regularly one of the better players in the state. Don Troiano still plays today and he still loves it.
At the age of 10 Don Troiano asked his father if he could begin flying homing pigeons as his father had done as a child. Together they built a pigeon coop and his father obtained 11 pigeons from a friend of his. Within a year or so Don Troiano began racing his pigeons, but he didnt realize just how much work and how competitive pigeon racing is for a 10 year old student. By this point Don Troiano was very active in sports and still managed to work as a dishwasher and hay bail stacker. In spite of all the demands on his time it was the great time of his life and he has the best memories to cherish.

        In his senior year of high school Don Troiano met his future wife and was already the owner of a small painting company. Don Troiano had always tinkered with cars, boats and was lucky enough to obtain a 68 Camaro that he built in to a serious dragster. Don Troiano spent many hours and many thousands of dollars working on it and very few actually racing it. He even became somewhat of a local celebrity because of the car that was named "Little Bitch" It was however a very enjoyable stage of his life.

        At the age of 24 Don Troiano was married and moved in to his first home of his own. It was in a lake community in Brookfield and a great time of his life even though they had very little money. This was the time of his life that Don Troiano began to set goals for himself and working many hours trying to reach them. The little spare time he had was spent learning the sport of barefoot water skiing. Don Troiano didn’t have the proper equipment and beat his body up badly, but through time he learned and became quite an accomplished skier even competing in tournaments. At one point he even won the regional championship in tricks. Don Troiano was quite proud of himself.

        Don Troiano and his wife had planned to have a family and their son James was born in 1990 and their daughter Ryein came some years after him. Don Troiano once  said "I  have to confess of all the great things that happened in my life, the best things by far are my children". The trials and tribulations of parenthood is really what life is all about. And though he spends a great deal of time working, it is family time that has always made him the happiest.

        his wife and he separated in 2005, but they are still very close. For him it is fair to say she will be his best friend till the day he dies and he thanks god for having her in his life.

        Today Don Troiano has become active in many causes including his children’s school, church and politics. He still plays hockey, barefoot water skiis and does a variety of sports with the kids. Don Troiano is very focused on career as always and truly believes he is now with the right company in the right field going in the right direction. Don Troiano thanks the lord for bringing him here and keeping his head straight through most of his life.

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