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   Weather it is business or personal Don Troiano of Danbury, Connecticut has the need to keep busy with one project or another. His attention to detail and drive are among his strongest qualities. While still in his teens he built and drove a dragster that was the envy of many race car enthusiasts when he ran at race tracks like Raceway Park in Engishtown New Jersey. He completed remodeling his home including new plumbing, electrical, kitchen and added new baths like a professional. His most notable accomplishments are in business. He started a mortgage company in his basement that he was able to grow to a multi million dollar company employing over 40 staff. He entered the energy industry and today is considered one of the top marketing and operational authorities to the ESCO industry. His future projects involve a nationwide Energy Supply Company and several web sites dedicated to online branding and SEO for corporations. It is fair to say Don troiano will never look back and will continue to move forward with new and exciting projects.
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