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  Don Troiano has become one of the most respected marketing professionals in the deregulated energy industry today. His marketing strategies have launched two major energy companies to become top players in the energy industry today. The deregulated energy market has grown in the last 5 years to become a multi billion dollar marketplace that is constantly evolving. Becuse it is so new the marketing has yet to catch up to opportunity. Early on very few consumers even knew they had a choice of energy providers. Our early strategies had alot to do with the education of consumers. Once we had educated consumers we had to develop a quick method for them to switch providers and from this the on line enrollment program began. The online enrollment allows a customer to enroll with a provider in just a few minutes. Now consumers began seeking more from their energy suppliers to meet the many differing needs. Then the industry introduced Green products, adjustable rate plans, fixed rate products, rewards programs and even charitable programs so consumers could choose instead of a reward to have the supplier contribute to various charities. 

World Class Marketing

   Now that the deregulated energy market is out of its infancy we are constantly identifying new opportunities that have yet to be utilized. Part of the reason many companies have not truly explored the many new opportunities is they have been making tremendous amounts of money with the current methods. Once a company reaches a certain degree of success turning it to a new opportunity or strategy can be more like turning an aircraft carrier fast. Our marketing techniques allow a company to quickly take advantage of these new opportunities without committing vast amounts of time or money. This is the cornerstone of Don Troiano energy marketing and why we have become a leader in energy marketing.
History of Deregulation

   Up till 2000 the energy industry was controlled by large utilities that owned the power plants, generated electricity, sold electricity, distributed and delivered the electricity, did emergency service and even did the billing. The end result of this was very high electric prices for consumers. In 2000 many states began deregulating their energy markets. The intent behind deregulation was simple. Allow alternative energy producers and suppliers to compete in the electric market and prices for consumers should go down. So the utilities were told they could no longer own the power plants and generate and sell the electricity. They sold their power plants and now make the majority of their money delivering the electricity over their power line infrastructure.

Deregulation Today

   Today, with deregulation, consumers and businesses alike have a choice from whom they buy their electricity and because of this have the ability to save money on the generation portion of their electric bills. Their utility will still deliver the electricity, read the meter and provide the billing and emergency service. The only change the customer sees is that the generation rate they pay should be less and they save money.



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