Don Troiano                              

Don Troiano his strong family ties and Troinao children

    Don Troiano has been blessed Becuse he has always had a strong family backround to both nurture and support him since he was very young. His parents gave up so much of time and money taking him almost every day of the week to skate and play hockey and they did this all while having 3 other children who also had many needs. They allowed him to raise racing pigeons another costly sport both in dollars and time. Many early mornings his mother or father would drive 100 miles up to liberty New York to release his pigeons for training. 
Don Troiano was further blessed by marrying his best friend who to this day has always been his biggest fan and is mother to two of the most wonderful children in the world. His son a gifted mathematician graduated from prep school with honors and is studying for a degree in economics and math and carries a solid 3.2 GPA. His daughter a gifted artist also maintains very high grades and is expected to pursue a career in computer graphics when she graduates. His children are the high point of his life and seeing the world through their eyes gives him the greatest satifaction a man could have. 

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