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    As an entrepreneur Don Troiano has had multiple careers in his life that have included several companies. The following is a list of companies he has owned or been a principal in.

Abracadabra Painting Painting Contractor 1983 to 1990
Abracadabra name was chosen as it would appear very high in the yellow pages. The company specialized in mainly residential interior and exterior painting. Employed as many as 15 staff at one time. Closed company to pursue other fields more in line with education.

 Oxford Home MortgageLLC Mortgage Company 2001 to 2008
The name Oxford was chosen as the company business model was set out to paper in Oxford, Connecticut. The company catered mainly to small Residental home mortgages. Employed as many as 40 full and part time staff and originated over 280 million in mortgage financing. The Mortgage crisis of 2008 caused the closing of Oxford along with thousands of other similar companies.

 DTT Energy ConsultingEnergy Marketer and ESCO consultant. Active
The company was founded to gain residual income from the explosion of low cost power from energy deregulation. Over time the companies energy space expertise began drawing in new ESCO's seeking marketing, hedging and forecasting assistance. The company derives most of its income from residuals gained through its customer acquisition programs.

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