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Career Biography

     In his late teens and early twenties while still in college Don Troiano  opened up a small painting business. It was called Don Troiano painting. Don Troiano was able to secure a large and very profitable contract for an apartment conversion. Pretty soon Don Troiano had most of his friends working for him and the business grew. Don Troiano decided he wanted to grow the company and advertise in the yellow pages. At the time the internet did not even exist. The yellow pages also  where very expensive and listed alphabetically so Don Troiano decided to change the companies name to Abracadabra painting thus putting his company very high in the book. This coupled with the good reputation Don Troiano had developed built the company to a solid foundation. Don Troiano handled all aspects of the company including advertising, sales, inventory, human resources, accounting and laborer. You could truly call Don Troiano the chief cook and bottle washer. When his son was born Don Troiano decided to switch careers as painting was mainly seasonal and defiantly cyclical. Don Troiano sold the business and accepted a position in the securities industry .

    At the age of 28 Don Troiano was offered a position as a stock broker in the securities industry with Biltmore Investments. Don Troiano accepted the position because the average broker there was making well in to 6 figures and some even where making seven figures. The training would be the best Don Troiano ever received in his life. It took Don Troiano a while to learn, but within a year Don Troiano had become a top producer in the company and things looked very bright. The firm changed names to become Monroe Parker and Don Troiano had some misgivings about their business practices. Don Troiano therefore moved to Smith Barney where he had a successful career as a financial consultant for quite a few years, but as with most stock brokers Don Troiano also burned out of the business and looked for his next career opportunity.

    Don Troiano's family had been in the mortgage business for many years and had always done very well and had great rapport with their clients. Based on that Don Troiano decided to give this business a try. Don Troiano's Wall Street training served him well in this industry and he quickly became a top producer where he worked. Of course being entrepreneurial Don Troiano decided to open his own company.  With an adequate amount of experience in the mortgage business in 2001 Don Troiano launched Oxford Home Mortgage, LLC. Don Troiano began in his basement and within a short few months Oxford was originating $2,100,000 in loans a month. Don Troiano moved into a larger facility and quickly he had 15 employees that where originating around $8,800,000 in loans a month. Again it was time for a larger facility and Don Troiano moved in to a 3000 square foot facility. At that point the company had over 30 full and part time employees and was generating over $12,000,000 in loans per month. Don Troiano believed he would be able to operate for many years to come, but by now it was 2008 and the mortgage crisis hit Oxford Home Mortgage very hard.  To carry the company through the crisis Don Troiano began a small mortgage modification company, but it quickly became apparent that this industry would be short lived and within 6 months Don Troiano closed up operations and began looking for his next career.

    Don Troiano had noticed that energy supply companies (ESCOS) where starting and doing very well. Don Troiano did his due diligence and decided to focus his efforts on the energy industry. He currently works in the energy industry and is helping many residential and commercial customers lower the cost they pay every month for Electricity

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